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Memoirs of the Journey

Chapter 1

Smithy the Great


There is legend of a noble smulip warrior that lived during the Long Dark… 
A carrier of a sparkling crystalline blade and the courage of 100 smulips.  It roamed the Garden of Arbitrum during a time when dark forces were awoken in the distant land of Smithonia.
To protect its kind, this smulip rose against all odds and stood alone against this terrifying power. As legend tells it, at the foot of a great mountain a final battle took place. From the pitch black of night, a blinding light roared through the sky, and thunder shook the ground as the battle raged. Following a deafening blast the dark force was sent back from whence it came.
Our noble smulip did not return that day, but the Garden of Arbitrum lived in peace for many ages. The legend of the great smulip Smithy was born that day…


Smulips X SmithyDAO

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