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Gates of Arbitrum

Chapter 2

The Decission of the Council

The Gate of Arbitrum was constructed in the nether regions of the Garden of Arbitrum.This part of the forest was a place very few smulips dared to venture due to the treacherous swamps and the winding maze of the shifting roots.The Elder Council had built the Gate here to keep it safe and hidden.

The Elders followed their intuition and decided urgently that now was the time, they must make their way through the Gate… A company of smulips from all parts of the Garden were gathered and set with the task.

The Elders spoke, “Today you embark on a perilous quest. The best of you will step through the Gate of Arbitrum and what you will encounter, no one can predict…” The elder smulip looked at each one of them and rose. “All that we can say is that you will walk forth, and you shall find what we the elders call ‘The Shed.’ You will know it when you feel it… From there your journey shall be clear.”

The smulip adventurers readied their gear and set off down into the swamps towards the gate. The elder smulip yelled out. “Be not afraid! You will meet other smulips across the threshold! We share the same ancestors, yet they are from different ages, places, or dimensions. Smulips will always care for other smulips, and so it shall be for you. Go forth!”

The adventurers looked at each other and with courage, went on. Upon reaching the steps of the Gate they wondered who would meet them on the other side… Would it be one of the smulips that they heard of in legends? Or would they meet enemies they could not yet imagine. Only time would tell. They stepped into the beaming light of the gate. One by one, they passed through…

To be Continued...

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