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The garden of Arbitrum

Chapter 1

The Journey begins

In the beginning, a vast world bloomed in the Universe of Arbitrum.

The Flora evolved into beautifully rare and mysterious trees and plants. All beings throughout the universe began to call it “The garden of Arbitrum.”
The garden of Arbitrum, as ancient as the elders of the smolverse, flourished and adapted over the centuries. Through this evolution the smulips were born.

Slowly they began to grow and explore the garden. Over time they realized that their bodies began to adapt to the landscape around them.

With this new found knowledge, the elder council decided to meet and make an important decision for all smulips.

The council met to discuss the Gates of Arbitrum. An almost portal like structure, built by smulips using the magical plants and items found around them..

to be continued...

Chapter 1
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