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Welcome to the Garden of Arbitrum

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There are 5'000 Smulips unleashed on Arbitrum, Join the garden of arbitrum and maybe your luck will mint you a rare Smulip!


We have future plans which we will reveal with our roadmap ;) lets just say it will be exciting things!

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We are deterimned to build one of the strongest communities out there! join us in Discord/Twitter and watch the #smuliparmy rise! 


The Journey


Chapter 1

The garden of Arbitrum


Chapter 2

The gates of Arbitrum


Chapter 3

The mysterious garden Shed

The ancient Smumap


Chapter 1:
The Garden of Arbitrum

Chapter 2:
The Gates of Arbitrum

Chapter 3:
The Garden Shed

Chapter 4:
The Ancient Lab

Chapter 5:
The Bee Invasion

Chapter Infos

Chapter 1 - The Garden of Arbitrum:

This Chapter represents the beginning of the Smulips and gives insight on our 5'000 NFT Genesis Collection. Our genesis collection is the pinpoint which Smulips will evolve around. Most of our future Smumap points work with the Genesis Collection.

Chapter 2 - The Gates of Arbitrum:

The Smulips got to a point where they ventured outside their Realms into different worlds. On that journey the Smulips developed in special ways. This Chapter represents the collabs we had with all different Projects and is visible through our 1/1s which each have lore attached of the journey of our smulip. These NFTs will be included in the 5'000 Genesis collection and mintable by anyone! 

Chapter 3 - The Garden Shed:

After their journey through the gates the Smulips arrive at the Shed. This Chapter represents the beginning of our Journey with Mutations and fertilisers.
There will be a total of 3 different Versions of fertilisers (V1, V2, V3), V1 and V2 are obtainable through airdrops and staking while V3 can only be obtained by combining a V1/V2 Fertiliser with a special Smol Potion. 
The Fertilisers can be combined with a existing Smulip and give you a mutated Smulip. More Details and assets will follow ;)

Chapter 4 - The Ancient Lab:

After the Smulips found the fertilisers they needed a place to experiment and found the ancient lab. In here the Smulips mixed potions into their now known fertiliser Variations. This Chapter represents the different versions of mutations and the lab (Website) where you can combine your Smulips with Fertilisers or your smol potions with fertilisers.

Chapter 5 - The Bee Invasion:

As the Smulips experimented with their potions a ancient tribe, the bees, did not like their doings. They deem'd the expirements as unholy and so the ancient war unfolded. This Chapter will go into Details what comes after the mutations

No promises + overdeliver:

We at Smulips do not overpromise, before we tease anything officially it is ready. We have way more in store we would love to already show off but until it isnt fully fleshed out we wont announce it. So just keep a eye out for our Updates ;)


Memoirs from the Journey



Vibe Corner

Meet our Team

Meet our Team

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Tulip King


Passionate Arbitrum Maxi and Meme connoisseur

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Community Lead

Casual crypto enjoyer and index fund simp



NFT Mastermind

NFT enthusiast and bridgor at heart




Sleep? never heard of that, Coffee runs through my veins

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